by Ross Sharp

From Dan Kervick in comments at The Washington Note …

If the previous generations of Americans had been captivated by the same radical libertarian philosophies that infect the current generation of dumbed-down, pseudo-educated, addicted and desperately lost imbeciles that make up much of the American public, we would never have built most of our dams, or our highways, or our schools. On the other hand, we might have a pretty good national system of McWhorehouse entertainment centers, where people could go to get hand jobs with their video games; take black tar heroin, Oxycontin and crystal meth to their heart’s content; overstimulate their nerve endings with endless supplies of ephemeral and stupid pop music; run up their credit card debt mindlessly; and complain about the government – at least during the down time when they were not working in mindless and disorganized fashion for crappier wages under the overpaid racketeer-pimps who run the economy and own that flea market and camp medicine show known as the US Congress. Oh, wait a minute. That’s what we DO have already.

I suspect these American imbeciles Kervick speaks of who complain about government and argue for government to be smaller won’t be happy until government comprises three guys in a broom closet in the basement of a Washington bar. They’ll have some pencils, an exercise book and a tin can on a string for a communications hub.

Now, that’s a proper way to run a country!

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