by Ross Sharp

Director Robert Rodriguez is a little pissed about recent legislation in Arizona that will permit authorities in that state to harass, intimidate, bash, beat the shit out of it, detain and deport and generally fuck with anyone who has a tan, a moustache, black hair, looks like Danny Trejo anyone whom they suspect may be in the state illegally.

In response, Rodriguez prepared and released a trailer yesterday for his upcoming grindhouse flick “Machete” (starring Trejo, Robert de Niro, and a veritable who’s who of B flick stars) to send the state a message.

However … between then and now, 20th Century Fox removed the clip from YouTube (fuck you, Rupert) citing the usual “copyright claim” claptrap, which makes me wonder …

Rodriguez prepared the trailer, he put it out there, is Fox saying he can’t promote his own bloody movie?

For fuck’s sake.

The original “Machete” trailer is embedded below, and for a little more background on the wingnut “culture” of Arizona, Timothy Egan from the New York Times examines the prevalence of Desert Derangement Syndrome in the state where eugenics is back in fashion … 

UPDATE! – The new “illegal” trailer can be viewed in full here. Thank cNm!