by Ross Sharp

Over at Groupthink, I get my rattle on over “social demographers” such as Bernard Salt and Bettina Arndt …

According to social demographer Bernard Salt, the rise in single-person households in Australia is due to a whopping increase in our society of “sad, lonely old baby boomers. The widowed, separated and divorced”.

Oh, fuck off, Bernard.

Bernard belongs to that curious demographic of demographers and social researchers whose lives appear to be devoted to telling other people precisely how their lives are completely fucked (even if they’ve been blissfully unaware of this until now), how they’ll be fucked forever, and how they will die a lonely, feeble and unutterably miserable death, leaving naught behind but tears on a pillow and a few sad, solitary stains on the bedsheets.

Joining Bernard yesterday was Bettina Arndt, a woman whose life appears to revolve around telling other people how to fuck.

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