by Ross Sharp

Over at Groupthink, I see gay people!

… And in other news, I am currently working my way through the first few episodes from season one of David Simon’s new series, “Tremé” (up to episode 4, but I’ve seen the first 3 eps twice over already).

What I can say so far is this …

Does this man ever fuck up? Ever? How the hell does he do it? How the hell does he maintain such an astonishingly high standard in every single thing he does?

“The Corner”, “The Wire”, “Generation Kill”, and now “Tremé”.

Who is this man?

Where did he come from?

Can we clone him? Can we have a copy sent down here?

Because it is not just about his talent, that he has in spades.

It is about integrity.

Consider this …

“Television producer” … “integrity”.

That is an unusual combination of words.