by Ross Sharp

Someone who has seen a few too many episodes of “Sex And The City” writes in New York Magazine

Poor Ellen Page. While most everyone else in “Inception” looks ripped out of a fashion-magazine spread, she has to traipse around in Christopher Nolan’s version of graduate-student chic — ill-fitting corduroys, ratty jackets, and scuffed, oddly pointy motorcycle boots …

… Since Page plays the asexual sidekick, it makes sense that Nolan wouldn’t dress her as he does Marion Cotillard’s character, decked out in gorgeous, lingerie-inspired couture. And yet, did he have to make her look like a little boy?

To which Monika Bartyzel of Cinematical responds

Oh no! She’s wearing a shirt that’s not form-fitting, pants that aren’t suctioned to her slight legs, and a puffy scarf jutting from her neck! She’s swathed in comfortable layers and almost flat shoes! There are no hot designer fashions, feet-killing stilettos, or overtly sexualized pieces, and because of that, she loses both her gendered identity and her sexuality. She’s labeled asexual because she’s not showing the curve of her breast or the exact form of her hips, and she’s not dressing for the male gaze …

… When will we be advanced enough to see a woman in normal clothes and accept that she might still be a sexual being? We’ve got a myriad of geek actors who can get the girl, or star in a superhero or action film, yet one woman wears everyday clothing and she’s asexual.

What makes Ellen Page so very not asexual is the depth of her talent and range, the fierce intelligence and insight she brings to the roles she chooses, which is a damn sight more “sexy” in every way, shape and form than anything you’ll ever see from the type of identikit bleached and botoxed bimbos that flit from shitty film to shitty film and then straight to a GQ photo spread, wearing either next to fuck-all, or some impossibly stupid outfit that no one in actual life could realistically function in, let alone walk around in without looking like a hobbled penguin.

Ellen Page is the anti-Megan Fox, and that is precisely why I think she’s hotter than a goddamned rocket.