by Ross Sharp

Surely not

New research shows there has been no increase in crime around the heroin injecting room in Sydney’s Kings Cross.

It is close to 10 years since the medically-supervised drug injecting centre opened and the latest research is the third report commissioned by the New South Wales Government.

Dr Don Weatherburn, from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, says it shows the centre has no effect on the number of robberies.

“As with the other two reports we’ve found no increase in crime. In fact crime has gone down in Kings Cross,” he said.

“There’s also no evidence that drug users are congregating around the injecting room.

“Obviously Kings Cross has higher numbers of people using drugs than many other suburbs but there’s no evidence that they’re particularly hanging around the injecting room.”

Confused drug addict looking to create havoc is dismayed by absence of suitable venue. Decides to opt for cup of tea and episode of “Modern Family” instead.