by Ross Sharp

As per my previous post, I managed to calm down sufficiently enough by lunchtime after reading Sady Doyle’s piece at Salon about John Boehner’s push to redefine rape to put a few brief words together and post them at Groupthink

My penis has never been anywhere it wasn’t invited to go.

It’s a well-behaved penis, my penis is.

It doesn’t whip itself out at inappropriate moments and try to stick itself inside a girl just because a girl happens to be nearby.

That would be rude.

When I’ve been in a relationship, there were times when I’d felt like putting my penis inside the girl I was with and moving it around some, but the girl wasn’t up for it, so I didn’t. And sometimes, the girl I was with would want me to put my penis inside her and move it around some, but I didn’t feel like it. Sometimes, people would rather just get a good night’s sleep. Maybe read a book.

There’s some people though, they’d put their penis inside a woodpile and move it around some just on the odd chance there might be a warm snake inside.

Or a chipmunk.

I’ve never fucked a chipmunk.

How about you?

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UPDATE 03/02/11: Alternet’s Lauren Kelly on the Republican pro-rape movement.

UPDATE 04/02/11: Kristen Schaal with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (there’s “rape” and then there’s “rape rape” and then there’s “rape with benefits” ).