by Ross Sharp

Over at Groupthink, Tongues analyses the work of the Herald-Sun’s gibbering “bloodclot” (John Birmingham’s word) Andrew Bolt …

Australia’s most incisive investigative reporter, social and media commentator extraordinaire, Mr. Andrew Bolt, receives over O!N!E! M!I!L!L!I!O!N! H!I!T!S A! D!A!Y! on his supremely successful online media presence, the imaginatively titled “Andrew Bolt Blog”!

How does he do it, you may ask yourself, you may indeed, yessirree, you may!

Wonder no more, I say, for enlightenment is what I offer you fine people and gentle folks today! Roll up! Roll up! And walk this way! For an elixir for all that ails you is on offer this fine day! (Children under 15 admitted free! Hooray! Hooray!)


Read the rest of this post at Groupthink.

And on a far more serious note, prepare to get very, very, very angry …

Here is Sady Doyle at Salon on John Boehner’s push to redefine rape … “And every survivor who finds herself in need of abortion funding will have to submit her rape for government approval.”

I’ve been thinking of doing a post on this … creature (Boehner and others of his ilk, that is) , but I think it might be wise to put a little distance between my current state of rage and some of the words I’m sorely tempted to use.

Just in case I say something … impolite.

That wouldn’t be like me at all. Would it?