by Ross Sharp

I’d write something, but I’m not paying attention right now.

When you live in a world where someone like Donald Trump could possibly, even for one fleeting moment, be considered a potential candidate for the next President of the United States; and when you live in a world where a policy-free zone like Tony “Brainfart” Abbott could possibly be considered an alternative Australian Prime Minister; and when some faded harpie from what now seems like Australian pre-history is threatening yet another political resurrection, it’s better to turn everything off and stop paying attention, as it’s getting all a little too silly for words.

As Tom Lehrer noted when Henry Kissinger received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, it’s the type of thing that tends to make political satire and humorous comment seem somewhat redundant …


Here’s a fascinating piece of cinema history …

“Cleopatra”, the epic 1963 flop that almost busted 20th Century Fox and later inspired Michael Cimino in 1980 to do similar to MGM with “Heaven’s Gate”, also had quite the epic trailer …

It just goes on and on and on, doesn’t it?

As you were.

UPDATE : Faded harpie’s hopes dashed. Yay.