by Ross Sharp

The federal government announces a policy. The opposition says the policy is bad, will ruin us all and we’ll be worse off than Haiti by lunchtime next Tuesday.

An increasingly partisan media chime in with a “Yay” or a “Ya-boo sucks” courtesy of a hyperactively rabid clutch of so-called “opinion” writers (my, there’s a talent – having an “opinion” – the world reels in awe), for whom “gotcha” moments and the barely-there policy brain farts of political pissants spell weeks and weeks of dramatic copy.

This is the current standard of what passes for political debate and discussion in this country. It’s the equivalent of saying “Your mother wears army boots and your dog smells”, but that’s about as good as it gets.

Now we have both government and opposition attempting to convince us all that there are vast zombie hordes of deliberately unemployed welfare cheats out there ripping hard-earned dollars straight from our poor little wallets, sentencing all of us “decent, hard-workin’ Aussie families” to a lifetime of deprivation and penury, while they, the unemployed, live life to the hilt with nary a care in the world.

The intellectual and ideological vapidity of the cliché-ridden mediocrities who now purport to represent us is such that, after 34 years of casting a vote in every state and federal election since I became eligible to do so, I will not be casting another.

I’ll turn up to get my name crossed off but, as far as the major parties are concerned, if this is the best the both of you have to offer, you know what you can do with your ballot paper from here on in.

After which, you can all just fuck off and die, the whole goddamn lot of you.*


*The author would like to apologise for the total absence of humour in this post. The author is in a snit.


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