by Ross Sharp

An office. A meeting room. A presentation to staff …

BEN:      … And just briefly, while you’re all here, I’d just like to mention the new version –

JER:        – It’s very good.

BEN:       – It’s, yes, yes it is, and it’s been developed by us in conjunction with BCT Global –

JER:        – They won an award you might re-, was it last year?

BEN:       – Yes … Maybe. No, no, I think you’re right, it was the Brazil Society –

JER:        – Yes, that’s right … I knew that. I thought I knew that. They’re very, very good

BEN:       – Those big picture solutions we were so passionate and insistent on? They … on a, on a …

JER:        – There’s a narrative of resonant consistency within the – can you bring up the next slide? …

BEN:       –  The bigger picture –

JER:        – A narrative that’s scalable from your back-end …

BEN:       – You can bring anything into the landscape, there’s an intuitive circularity to the whole spectrum that’s just –

JER:        – It’s incredibly resilient … up to the front end, you can see here, you can see what it’s doing here, depending on the volume –

BEN:        – And there’s no limit on that.

JER:        – No. None at all, we’ve managed to optimise a full facilitation of every conceivable touchpoint by fully integrating a top-down, client-driven approach to the landscape that ensures a level of granularity which conforms to the global regularity of systemic conform-, conf –

BEN:       – It’s more of a reformation, I’d say, don’t you think?

JER:        – What did I say? … Oh! Yes! Yes, that’s the word … That was the word I was chasing. Thanks.

BEN:       – Okay.

JER:        – Anyway. You can see, I’ll just, you can see the flexibility it provides, and I think you’ll find it –

BEN:       – What we’ll do … I think, we’ll send you all the log-in details you need, … Will that …?

JER:        – Sometime after lunch.

BEN:       – Sometime after lunch. You’ll get the log-in, just use your regular password, and feel free to just have a look around, play with it, get familiar with the, with the, uh –

JER:        – The circular intuitiveness of it will just

BEN:       – It’s very good. I think that’s the thing we’re most impressed by so far …

JER:        – Definitely. Yes. Absolutely. By far.

BEN:       – Anyway.

JER:        – I think we’ll leave it there. Are there any questions?

BEN:       – …

JER:        – …

BEN:       – …

JER:        – …

BEN:       – No?

JER:        – …

BEN:       – …

JER:        – Right, then.

BEN:       – Yes.

JER:        – As we said

BEN:       – Anything you think we should look … just … anything to look into further… Well … well, we’ll leave all that up to you.

JER:        – Yes. And thanks very, very much for your attention this morning everyone.

BEN:       – Yes. Thank you.

JER:        – And enjoy the rest of your day.


(Cross-posted from Groupthink)