by Ross Sharp

I’m at the station, on the platform, waiting for the train to take me to work.

There are about fifteen or twenty other people waiting, absentmindedly milling about.

There are four platforms, two of which are for trains travelling to the city.

There are two trains to the city due.

One at 8.11am. One at 8.12am.

An announcement is made over the P.A., “The 8.11 to the city is delayed by approximately two minutes. The next train to the city will depart from platform number four”.

And so I watch, as, with the exception of three people, one of whom is myself, the remainder of our intrepid commutering brethren turn and walk toward the stairs, about fifty stairs, and walk up the fifty stairs and across and down another fifty stairs to platform four.

Both trains arrive and depart within about fifteen seconds of each other.

Sad, ain’t it?


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