by Ross Sharp

From today’s Sydney Morning Herald

“Paul Sheehan says that ”Obama came to the White House in 2008 with a meagre legislative record”. Obama sponsored 137 bills and had two bills passed in just four years, and his successes were substantive ones at that: the ”Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion Act of 2006” and ”Mercury Export Ban Act of 2008” (he was, of course, absent from the Senate for much of 2008 while campaigning for the presidency).

Paul Ryan represented Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district for 13 years. In that time, he amended the American tax code in 2008 to change the 12.4 per cent tax on arrows to a flat 39¢ per arrow shaft. And in 2000, he had the name of the post office in Janesville, Wisconsin, changed to the ”Les Aspin Post Office Building”. That is it – his entire legislative record. His Democratic equivalent, Joe Biden, on the other hand, sponsored nine successful bills in 2007-08 alone.

Aside from Ryan’s slight accomplishments, the only meagre thing on show here is Sheehan’s commitment to balanced reporting.” – Andrew Taubman, Queens Park.