by Ross Sharp


“In a withering attack Mr Lew said the current government policy on the GST-free threshold failed the fundamental test of good governance to act responsibly.

Canberra should not, he said, ‘‘pander to perceived populism at the expense of sound public policy”.”

I am fed up to the back teeth with this bleating whine from gasping old coots like Solomon Lew and Gerry Harvey about applying GST on internet purchases under $1000.00.

It is not the government’s responsibility to prop up the ailing, aging business models of these doddery relics of retail past.

It’s your business model, dickheads, you made it, adapt, fix it your fucking selves and if you can’t do that, bugger off and retire.

Here is the thing –

Last year, I spotted two books, large format hardbacks at my local independent bookstore, each one retailing for $69.95.

I then checked how much they were going for online. One was $22.95 and the other was $24.00.

So I bought these two books, online, for $46.95 (plus postage) instead of spending $139.90 (GST included).

If you would like me to pay GST on my purchase (on which I am already saving $92.95), that will be an extra outlay on my part of $4.70, bringing my total expenditure to $51.65, still netting me a save of $88.25.

Now, if Solomon Lew, or Gerry Harvey can honestly argue that whacking a little GST on these purchases of mine, whether past or future, would have dissuaded me from saving over 80 bucks and sent me packing up to the bricks and mortar store, I believe I could more than honestly argue that they’re both completely fucking loopy.

“Sound public policy”.