by Ross Sharp

Julia Gillard, it’s all your fault. If you had been married instead of partnered, we would not have disrespected your relationship. If you had partnered someone who was not a hairdresser, we would not have made the obvious conclusion about his sexuality. If you had not deposed Kevin Rudd, we would still have a person in a blue tie in command. If you had not managed to keep a minority government going the distance, we would not have had to resent a woman being in power all this time. If you had been decent enough to resign in abject apology for doing so badly in the polls, we would not have had to hound you. If you had not repulsed Rudd’s two attempts to replace you, we would not have had to abuse your dead father. If you had not changed your mind on the carbon tax, we would not have had to call you a bitch. Let’s face it, Julia. It’s all your fault. Just as it is the fault of the ”slut” who is gang raped or who brings out the basest instincts in us men. Just as it is the fault of the rape victim who wore provocative clothes and was out alone at night. It’s all your fault for being a woman. – Tom Perfect, Richmond

Perfect, Tom.