by Ross Sharp

Welcome to Australia.

We kill children.

“Worse than anything else she has seen, though, is the condition of one child about four years old who has become catatonic and is refusing to eat.

”I have no experience to deal with this,” she says, ”other than report it to my line manager who says she has reported it to hers but nothing is happening.””

We torture them.

“The immigration minister, Scott Morrison, says it is “common practice” for asylum seekers to be separated from their newborns overnight when the babies are in hospital.

The minister released a statement following a Fairfax media report on Thursday that an asylum seeker from Burma had been separated from her baby boy at night and forced to return to a Brisbane detention facility …

… Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young said there was “no reasonable excuse” for the separation of an asylum seeker from her newborn child overnight.

“It is inhumane and senselessly callous,” she told reporters in Canberra.

“Would this be something that any of us would wish on our sisters, on people’s wives, on their own mothers?””

We fuck them up.

“Several sources have described harrowing scenes on Christmas Island last month when Immigration officers forced two unaccompanied Sri Lankan children aged 12 and 14 on to a plane to return home. They were part of a group of 84 Tamils who had arrived on the Coco Islands after 34 days at sea and within 48 hours were put on a plane and sent back to Colombo.

”The children were crying and screaming and begging to be able to stay,” said a witness. ”One of the security officers realised they were too young and no one was accompanying them and so took them off the plane. Then there was a stand-off while someone rang Canberra and were instructed by someone very, very senior to put them back on the plane.””

This is our message to you.

This is a message from the Federal Government of Australia.

“One Immigration source on Christmas Island described how much things had changed since Operation Sovereign Borders began on September 18. ”We have been told that we are not to engage with the clients now,” she said.

”So the only message we are told to give them is to leave. We are deliberately intimidating them, we are told to tell them Nauru and Manus are full up and so their only and best option is to go home.”

We will subject them to deprivations.

We will tear their tender flesh with tortures. We will rupture their souls. We will dissever their hearts. We will exorcise them of all hope.

We will confuse them. We will confound them.

We will not explain why we are doing this to them, but we will do it.

Until they break.

Until you understand.

Our sovereignty shall not be violated.

You shall not come here.

We will kill your children.

You shall not come here.