by Ross Sharp

In high school during the early 1970’s, I recall two name-calling, finger-pointing and corridor-shoving bullies who’d pal around with each other, and one of Their Favourite Things, whenever they spied someone to whom they had taken a dislike – which included myself and the half-dozen or so people I’d hang out with – was to point, and shout ‘POOFTER! LOOK, HE’S GOT A STIFFIE!” and then collapse in giggly laughter and walk off together, a beautiful friendship, comrades in their complexity of thought and profundity of speech.

The Herald-Sun’s Andrew “Whistler’s Motherfucker” Bolt reminds me of this …



… lurching and leaping from one confected Socialist State of Siege to another – criminal refugees;  climate change conspiracies; evil Muslims in our midst; attacks on his good self – all of them orchestrated by the shadowy Forces of the Left, savages all, souls empty of basic human decencies, they gather in the hills and deep desert of our beloved homelands, waging foul and barbaric War upon the Minds and Spirits of the Good Folk and Gentle People of our Towns and Villages, spreading the most vicious of defamations, smears and slurs, tearing at the tender fabric of our society, our most sacred of lores and traditions …



It’s like a jungle out there …

The crisis in relations with Indonesia has been caused by Leftist news outlets reporting on spying carried out under a Labor Government.

But Tony Abbott must be made to look bad in some way. The Leftist ABC last night got a Leftist to suggest one …

… Abbott hatred is distorting reporting and adding to our tensions with Indonesia. Fairfax and the ABC are out of control.”

And …

Fairfax’s loathing for Tony Abbott has led to a string of reports in which he is blamed for the failings of others …

“Fairfax is out of control.”

… Fairfax and the ABC have declared war on the Abbott Government, and seem prepared to stop at nothing to drag it down.”

“There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in” (Leonard Cohen)

There are no cracks in Andrew …



Criticism is attack. Inquiry a brazen affront. Reportage a betrayal. Truth a thoughtcrime.

120 million Americans believe Lizard People run their country.

One million people read Andrew Bolt’s blog.

One makes as much sense as the other.