by Ross Sharp

“Debt ceiling”.



That’s an American thing.

Isn’t it?

I didn’t know it was an Australian thing.

I’m confused.

I’m very confused. People are speaking of things they’ve not spoken of before. Threatening things. People are speaking of things they say they’ve not spoken of, but if they have, they’ve spoken words misheard, and then they GO SPEAK THEM ALL OVER AGAIN.

People are holding up photographs of people holding photographs with PEOPLE HOLDING PHOTOGRAPHS IN THEM …

People are speaking of treason. Of treachery. Of betrayal. Collusion with enemies, a foul conspiracy of dunces threatening our national security that could send us off to war with little brown savages on distant and primitive isles.

People do a thing, and then a couple years later, other people come along and undo that thing, and then they go and do it the VERY SAME WAY AGAIN.

You could go nuts thinking about this stuff. Couldn’t you, Cory?

Mad Cory