by Ross Sharp

The Herald-Sun’s resident obituary editor Andrew Bolt has marked the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela as such …

Nelson Mandela dies

Former South African president Nelson Mandela has died, aged 95.

Andrew leaves it up to his legions of readers to pay their respects. Here’s a lovely example …

“There will be one perspective on Mandela: the marxist Left. The coming truck load of documentaries and paeans of praise cluttering up the news for the week to come will credit him with saving South Africa but the reality is that they swapped one intolerant tyranny for a another psychotic police state. Nor will they mention his years as a terrorist . It is sobering to realise that Osama Bin Laden would have been hailed similarly if he had managed to last a few more decades and not been forced to flee.”

Here’s another …

“[Mandela] died while serving time for planning a bombing at bus station, right? Why isn’t that to be found anywhere in the story?”

Both fairly representative of the general tone of comment.

A little later in blogland, The Herald-Sun’s resident Christ figure Andrew Bolt spends 1,011 words bewailing his continued persecution at the hands of The Left, The ABC, and the shadowy forces of Political Correctness. Now he’s being smeared by the Jews …

“I have been particularly disappointed to be treated as collateral damage by Jewish community leaders and political players who have been demanding these illiberal laws be kept. Several have privately assured me they found the case against me a misapplication of the law or even an injustice. But not one publicly said so. Every one of them knows what a supporter I have been of the Jewish community, not just in print, yet not one publicly protested when a Jewish QC told a Jewish judge in my case something far more foul than anything I had written – that my thinking resembled that of the Nazis who drew up the Nuremberg race laws.  That obscene slur struck me as a legally sanctioned defamation.”

And …

“I have been warned that some people are taking offence at my mentioning the religion of the judge and the barristers for the complainants. One Jewish community leader has even had the hide to wonder in an email to me if I was suggesting a “Jewish conspiracy”.

It should be clear – and would be to those who know me – that the reference is made to suggest just how much an insult was meant by the Nazi reference and how explosive it was in the context of the case.”

After which, The Herald-Sun’s resident Freedom Fighter Andrew Bolt talks about Nazi’s and Hitler and things, and how by not allowing Andrew Bolt the freedom to make shit up about people and have it published, World War III will begin.

We may have lost Nelson Mandela, but we still have Andrew Bolt.

Viva … something.