by Ross Sharp

“On Offence” Richard King (2013)

“The Year My Politics Broke” Jonathan Green (2013)

Here is SA Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi getting his rabid little rattle on

“Given the increasing number of ‘non-traditional’ families there is a temptation to equate all family structures as being equal or relative,” he says.

“Why then the levels of criminality among boys and promiscuity among girls who are brought up in single-parent families, more often than not headed by a single mother?

“It is perfectly reasonable and rational, therefore, for the state, if it is to have a role in social policy and the affairs of marriage, to reinforce and entrench those aspects of traditional marriage that work, not undermine them and promote ‘alternatives’ which have led to social chaos.

“Competent social policy should be drafted by those who understand the primacy of natural law and who are able to see patterns in society.”

That would be Mr. Bernardi, one takes it.

There’s a curiously Aryan quality to Bernardi’s bouncy thought-bubbles of ideological fantasy and tidy social order – The “State” subjugating women to be child-bearing wives and mothers by its – or His – divine decree and executive order, whilst shunning “alternatives”, as he puts it, off to socio-economic and moral ghettoes of government-endorsed disapproval. The “faggots” and the “whores”, the “intellectual elite” no doubt (I have no fucking idea who these people are, the “intellectual elite”). The Muslims …

Sally Neighbour in The Monthly

“While he seems to be sincere in his convictions, the foundations of Bernardi’s ‘philosophy’ appear shallow. He claims to be widely read but admits his favourite fare is airport novels, especially the late Dick Francis’ formulaic thrillers. His recommended reading list includes a book called Confrontational Politics by a retired US senator, HL Richardson, published by the Gun Owners Foundation. The author’s credo is “pro-life, pro-gun, pro-God” and he was once voted ‘Chauvinist of the Year’ by the National Organization for Women. His book is a crude polemic that rails against homosexuals, tree-huggers, humanists, pagans and abortionists, whom he likens to Hitler. It calls evolution a “scientific justification” for rejecting God, and argues for “the necessity to limit the power of man and government” as the Holy Bible should be the basis for human law (a proposition starkly similar to that advanced by the Islamists Bernardi condemns). Bernardi liked the book so much he bought 100 copies to hand out.”

There you go. The man is a total dribbly fucking idiot, but like most idiots he thinks he’s The Smartest Guy in The Room, bless’d by Divinity, in possession of all the answers to life, love and liberty, and he’ll keep shouting and shouting at people and shouting and shouting and shouting until someone either hits him and tells him to fuck off or threatens to call the police.

After which, he’ll probably creep back later in the night to blow up your bloody house.

In extracts of Bernardi’s new book, reported on by the ABC, he argues some women use abortion as “an abhorrent form of birth control” and he finds it “horrendous and unacceptable” that the abortion “death industry despatches 80,000 to 100,000 unborn children [in Australia] every year”.

In a televised interview, Bernardi said he did not want to ban abortion, but “there is a right to life issue we should be exploring” and he believed life began at conception. He also brushed off queries about the accuracy of his abortion figures, saying the practice happened “a lot” and he did not know anyone who wanted to see more abortions.”

“A lot”.

Argument lost right fucking there.

From The Monthly again …

“He wants to be some sort of conservative warrior but he’s not up to it intellectually,” says a Liberal associate. “In reality he’s like the kid in the playground who pulls his pants down so everyone will look at him, but he has no idea how he’s embarrassing himself in the process. He’s basically kryptonite for any serious person in the party because he’s a complete embarrassment.”

There is little point in being “offended” by anything Bernardi has to say, or has said in the past, or calling for his immediate resignation, or calling him a disgrace, or some form of censure to be imposed upon him, because what he has to “say” could be slapped down in an instant by “facts”, by actual “research” if any so-called “journalist” bothered to bone up and actually do some, and this is the central idea behind Richard King’s book “On Offence”, that in frantically flapping about in a huffy snit, the actual debate, the real things people should be talking about gets lost in an hysterical muddle of exclamation points and capital letters and shrilly confected outrage, sans much punctuation.

It’s also a point made in Jonathan Green’s “The Year My Politics Broke”, where a commercial (and public) media, hungry for an everlasting bowl of quick and instant tasty headlines, stops to question and confront politicians and public figures when they talk complete shit and call them on it by asking them to back up their shit with some evidence and substantiated fact. Or go out and find some themselves.

Barack Obama, 2012 “You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts” .

Green looks back on the last few unhinged years of Australian politics and political reporting and believes both are broken, and I cannot help but agree with him. I have not met a single person in life, actual life, whether they be friends, or through work, but in life, who ever said a word to me (or me to them) about the travails of MP’s Peter Slipper or Craig Thomson or what former PM Julia Gillard may or may not have done twenty years ago, simply because no one in real life gave a fuck. Nor do they now.

Yet, that is what our media gave us over that particular and very peculiar period of time. That, and endless polls, and gossip about rumours, rumours about gossip, speculation about rumours of gossip, gotcha photographs, gotcha gaffes, and lots and lots and lots of opinion about things such as these from people I couldn’t give a fuck about either.

I’m expected to pay money to read this shit?

I’ll take my news with actual news in it, thank you very much, not the self-righteous, self-obsessed pseudo-puritanical ramblings and reflections of these packs of crusty old fuckwits from the olden-day Jurassic Parks of Print and their now all-too obvious penchant for writing crap about nothing that actually matters, and nothing about the things that do, because it’s easier for them.

“Journalism”, my arse.

Cory Bernardi’s mind doesn’t stretch too far from that of Anders Behring Breivik in many respects, but if one were to make that comparison and present it to him in public – even dare write it or speak it – Poor Cory would probably  go all squirrelly in the head with outrage, demand all manner of apologies, talk about his right to “freedom of speech” being oppressed by Commies and Queers, Lesbian Nazis from the Dark Side of the Moon even, and his supporters and pimps and promoters in the press would squeal with offended indignation on his behalf until everybody forgot what started it off in the first place. Just as Richard King illustrates time and time again in his book.

Rather than being “offended” by Bernardi, he needs to proven the idiot he is by being pummelled with facts, none of which he would be in the least likely to accept as fact, but, as Jonathan Green points out, our media seem far too timid to confront politicians and public figures talking batshit-crazy bullshit because they’re far too busy burrowing for political Christmas party gossip or speculation that, more often than not, turns out to be no more substantive than smoke rings, leaving nought but a bad smell in the air, and ash on the carpet.

Politics? Broken.

The Media? Pissweak. Trivialities. Tits.

Cory Bernardi?

“I believe Europe should strive for: A cultural conservative approach where monoculturalism, moral, the nuclear family, a free market, support for Israel and our Christian cousins of the east, law and order and Christendom itself must be central aspects (unlike now).” – Anders Behring Breivik, his “manifesto”, p. 650.

PS – Here are some “reviews” of Cory’s book, “The Conservative Revolution” from Amazon.