by Ross Sharp

It is end of financial year here at Global Corps Inc.©™, and so I do currently find myself in a swampy swamp of mucky spreadsheets, reconciliations, and stupid questions from cockwalloping fudpuckers who keep fucking things up for everybody else, and making my life a hazy haze of enduring confusions, ill vapours and frenzied fevres of the mind.

“How did that error work out, Ross?”, asks the Manager.

“We fixed it”, I say.

“It’s fixed?”

“Yes. We fixed it. We’re fixers. We fix things”, I say, giving myself a fit of the giggles.

“What?”, asks the Manager.

“Never mind”, I say.

This mob wouldn’t know if Groucho Marx were up them sideways with a feather duster. They’d probably think “The Dead Parrot Sketch” was a customer service training video and take notes.

Normal service shall resume shortly.

Do stay tuned.