by Ross Sharp

The first “story” on ABC News 24 this morning was a five minute “report” on how some guy who hits balls over a net with a stick for a living has decided to give up his “work” and retire.

Five minutes.

This earth-shattering information follows hot on the heels of another leading story a couple weeks back on how a bunch of guys who kick balls around a paddock for a living were found guilty of taking illegal substances to boost their ability to kick balls around a paddock for a living.

Front page news. Pages of it. For days.

Is it too much to ask that “news” contain some actual “news” in it, and that stories about sport be confined to the sports report section or pages where they fucking well belong?

Sport is not news. It is sport.

The only time we should have reports about boys and their balls leading our news is when it involves information or research on testicular cancer.