by Ross Sharp

Here is a letter from today’s Sydney Morning Herald

“It’s sad that Anne Summers (MPs should follow public opinion SMH 14-15 May) sees MPs who don’t support the 87 per cent of the population wanting abortion decriminalised, as self-righteous. Some MPs, along with the remaining 13 per cent of the population, see the foetus as having a separate and unique personhood to its mother, as reflected by Zoe’s Law. It’s equally sad that, unlike the balanced discussion about voluntary euthanasia taking place in many circles these days, we can’t have the same calm conversation about this most contentious issue.” – Jo-Ann Brown, Eastwood

What Ms. 13% fails to understand, fails to grasp, is that the “conversation” she yearns for has been had. Over decades.

The conversation is over.

What Ms. 13% fails to understand, fails to grasp, is that no body, whether it be that of a man or that of a woman, is property. It is not property of the state, it is not property of any government, it is not property of the church, nor is it property of any other individual on this earth, no male, nor female, and the decision to abort or not to, rests solely and wholly with the woman, and whomever else she wishes to discuss that decision with, whether it be a qualified doctor, a partner, friends or relatives, or no one else at all.

It is, quite frankly, nobody else’s business, not hers, not mine, not yours. NOBODY.

Our bodies, our biology, the decision to reproduce or not, our choices, rest solely with ourselves, and we are free to do as we wish with, or to them.

Ms. 13% should suck it up, shut up, and shove the fuck off.